start it [back] up

23 08 2009

my goal is to start this blog back up.
and post regularly.
but if you know me well, you know that i may decide to redefine regularly to once every month or even year.
stick around.
hopefully i’ll have something interesting for ya.


i’ve lost it.

14 08 2008

weight that is.

since the discovery of my celiac disease early this year, i have been gradually losing weight due to the change in diet.
that, along with 3 weeks of summer camps where i ran, played, and drank mostly water, has caused me to lose a decent bit of weight. just throughout the week at sky ranch fellow campers were telling me that i looked like i was losing weight.

so i went to the doc the other day and got weighed. since around february, i have gone from 235 to 205. that’s right, a 30 pound weight loss. and probably 5-10 pounds was lost solely during camp.
so to keep this weight loss constant, i’m drinking tons of water, and trying to eat a bit less and a bit healthier.
so far it’s working.

thoughts that accompany [yawns]

13 08 2008

it is quite early (for me)
and i sit.
listening to the music that will consume worship tonight.
some shane and shane.
some delirious?
the doxology.
and a song learned at camp.
and with my fingers numb and my voice hoarse,
i play.
i sing.
i realize the intensity, validity, and relevance of these words.

and i urge you to do the same.
don’t just go with the flow and use worship as a sing-a-long.
listen to and embrace the words. make them an expression.
believe these words.
and you will find a new joy for worship.

cleaning out the attic

14 06 2008

i haven’t cleaned my room (the attic) in about a year. i’ve occasionally picked up a few pieces of trash, but never actually cleaned it. so i have started on a journey to get my room clean before i go visit my friend in oklahoma on/around july 6th. occasionally i will try to put up a photo between now and then. if i can do it, it will be a great accomplishment. and i might find some things i thought i had lost.

ben robbins

10 06 2008

so my buddy ben robbins, takes some pretty good photos. and he just happens to have been in New Zealand for the past year or so, which gives him all kinds of amazing opportunities to shoot in so many different climates and environments solely contained on two islands.
and i must admit, a certain one of a glacier gives me the chills.

he made me do this. in my last posts comments, he threatened to kill me and my dog. i had to do it. i value my life.
(there ya go, ben)

cursed lawn equipment

7 06 2008

i have come to the realization that the lot on which we reside does not like the grass to be mowed.
here’s the long story:
a week or so ago, i was mowing the lawn on the riding mower. i noticed that it was cutting weird. i thought the blade wasn’t tightened on enough or that the wheels might be low on air. i didn’t worry, though, because my mom had been nagging me for quite some time to mow the lawn.
then it hit me. literally.

yes. a sai. if you don’t know what that is, it is what raphael is wielding up there.

so, back to the story, it flies up and hits me in the head and i stop mowing. i am pissed to say the least, go chew out my brother, then drive the mower back into the garage. we checked it out and the blade is all bent up and way dull. now we have to buy new blades.
a day or two letter the grandparents come over to help. all the equipment they brought plus our weedeater work intermittently the whole day. so we give up again.
yesterday my mom took the pushmower to the shop. today we got it back. i had all but a couple of passes finished on the lawn and it stops. and now it won’t start. lame!
hopefully it will start tomorrow so i can finish the job.

in short:
lawn equipment will break if used on our lawn. our lawn is cursed. or something like that.

i am exhausted. this lawn stuff is crazy.

Twitter Spam

24 05 2008

occasionally i check my followers, just to do some nice bit of clean up. today, i found i was inundated with spam followers.
my favorite:
to block or not to block?
it’s up to you.