exhaustion: mental.physical

19 04 2007

exhausted… tired… sleepy…
fell asleep in a few classes today, yet was lucky enough to not get caught. i’m sneaky.
got told the truth. straight from the source.
napped. or wished i would have.
day o day.





2 responses

6 05 2007

ok well mi stupid user name and password would not work every single time lol but this one does and thank god it took me long enough

10 05 2007
Andrew Shepherd

for a starter camera xt is ok. i started on it. XTi gives you a few more options, but don’t be persuaded by the megapixel pitch. it’s not about how many MP you have but how big your sensor is, which isn’t any bigger than the XT, so the pictures will be basically the same.

also, the D80 is a middle-range canon so if it comes between that and the XT the D80 is a better camera, i think. but just make sure you make a good choice with your first one because once you start buying gear for one brand you can’t really make a switch. i often wonder if i would have liked nikon better – its pictures seem to be a lot better straight off the camera.

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