plastic and metal; or how to conserve battery life

13 06 2007

it’s amazing how something is constructed of merely plastic and metal, yet we can get so furious when it doesn’t work. i have experienced this many times lately as a result of my little brother’s mistake on the first day i had my powerbook home. i foolishly left it by my moms computer, plugged in, transferring files. i heard the shredder running, and panicked, but was too lazy to get up to do anything. after a few minutes, i walk in to find my power cord shredded, mutilated, dead. luckily my dad and i were able to temporarily fix it. it worked great until monday, when i heard a fizzle pop and the lit ring extinguished. i ordered a new one, but was not sure it would get to me in time, so it was temporarily fixed, once again. this made me realize its made of plastic and metal. and just now one of our dogs jumped up and broke a key. why do i expect it to live up to my expectations and last forever? i’m human. everyone relies on machinery, whether it be plastic, metal, or any other element from the periodic table. it is our nature. just as sin we are born with this trust of objects more than people.
through this, although, i’ve learned to conserve my battery, which will be important for me in the coming week.
saturday i leave for east setauket, new york to visit a good friend of mine [and maybe even a few of you]. my powerbook will be my sole for of entertainment for 3+ hours. i’ll bring my ipod for backup, though. we as people also need to conserve battery power. don’t waste yourself on unimportant things. do everything for a reason and for a purpose.




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