14 07 2007

i am in the process of revamping. this page.
brace yourselves, as it will not only look different, but i’m pondering a change of name and URL.
while at student life, i was reassured of doubts i have had lately. i feel most of the time, especially lately, in spiritual situations i am being more reassured of doubts of things i already know rather than growing. i need to stop doubting and make room for myself to grow. in this sense, i also realized that i have more Christian street/theology smarts than book smarts. i hope to make room for that growth also. i feel i need to make steps to stop sitting back and watching everything happen, and i need to just get out there and do the things i complain about not being right and actually take action in changing them. i am still confused about what exactly i should do first, but i must remember to take baby steps and not rush myself in to it and get stressed.





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