Camping… Music Style

6 08 2007

this week i am working a music camp at our church. one exclamation: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! i’m helping with drama and rec, and have been fortunate to have the good kids pick drama. i sit there, play the track they need, and occasionally read a line or two. easy as pie. today in rec we played 4-square and the 1st-3rd graders had no clue how to play. the 4th through 6th graders, on the other hand, were great at it (the girls, at least) and had tons o’ fun. one girl, however, in the 4th-6th group would catch the ball, look at it, look around, then bounce it in someone’s square. sky tried to explain it to her but it did no good. it is great fun, but some of the kids are crazy. i’m going to touch on a few of them and their personalities, etc.

donovan: friggin’ devil child. the rumors cannot even live up to the truth of his antics. the saying sadly isn’t “out of control, out of sight, out of mind.”

jordan: how can a little girl that is so cute be so mean? haha. she plays nice whenever others are looking, but as soon as they look away, she turns fierce. 

stephen: a few words for him “keep hands to self!!” within 3 minutes of rec, he was able to elbow a kid in the face and knee a kid in the leg. maybe i should tell him to keep more than his hands to himself.

trevor: you don’t have to cry over everything. just because you suck at 4-square and can’t get past the first square doesn’t mean you need to cry every time you get out. i’m probably being a little harsh, but seriously.

that was my day. i enjoyed it, and can’t wait for tomorrow.




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