Day 1

15 01 2008

8 Glasses of Miralax or until I have several diarrhea stools, once every 30 minutes. oh joy!
half a day of school
Arby’s for lunch [got the pick 5. 2 arby’s melts, curly fries, mozzarella sticks, and a dr. pepper]

12:45-took first glass about 15 minutes ago. no effects yet.
1:18-took a second dose at 1. first poo. i feel relieved
5:10-last dose about an hour ago. still suffering from it.

Twitter updates:
7:21 a.m.-Day 1: Prep. Begin taking Miralax [crazy intense laxative] at noon.
12:44 p.m.-just downed the first dose: Mountain Dew
1:03-i feel something scootin’ in my bowels. second dose: Mt. Dew
1:06-i feel it coming
1:28-first poo. i feel relieved
2:03-4th dose. 4 more to go
2:44-5th dose. this is starting to become a hassle.
3:07-6th dose. my stomach is swelling. i feel so strange right now.
3:16-i’m on my way to being finished for the day
4:47-no more doses today. thank the Lord.
5:08-i’m not looking forward to another day of this
5:38-no more lax tonight. finally wore off

sadly, it hadn’t worn off. i suffered all night.




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