Day 2

16 01 2008

10 glasses of Miralax or until my stool is clear(yes, clear), one every 30 minutes starting at noon. the sheet says if i drink blue kool-aid, it will come out looking like blue kool-aid. that’s definitely not normal. 

12:30 p.m.- ate drank lunch: beef broth with soy sauce, popsicles
1:00-and the cycle starts again. first dose
5:20-there’s nothing natural about this call of nature
6:25-LAST DOSE! now i just have to suffer the consequences. i ate some green jello. we’ll see how it turns out
9:02-Bill Cosby would be proud

Twitter updates:
7:28 a.m.-Day 2. why can’t they just diagnose by symptoms?
10:54-eager to eat solids
11:54-i’m hungry. let’s see what’s on the menu: broth, drinks, popsicles, and nothing solid or red.
1:00 p.m.-my lunch: beef broth with soy sauce desert: any non-red hard candy. 1st dose: Ginger Ale.
1:33-orange banana popsicles taste like baby aspirin. 2nd dose: still nothin’
2:09-3rd dose: when will it start working?
3:15-5th dose: halfway through
3:26-it’s starting to work.
4:28-i missed a dose, so now my schedule is all off. this is going to last longer than i thought
5:05-8th dose: if it was yesterday, i’d be done by now
6:25-LAST DOSE: now i just have to suffer the consequences
8:06-the sounds coming from within my body scare me

tomorrow awaits. i’ll give you an update as soon as i get home.




One response

17 01 2008
colon cleanser

What do you mean “until your stool is clear”?

I am doing a live study of detox myself and was trying to find some detox information when I seen your blog, however it looks like your on a Miralax program and I am trying to find out what you mean by your stool being clear?

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