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12 03 2008

earlier this morning i read on carlos whittaker’s blog about yet another tragedy in the church. it sickens me every time i hear or read of something of this nature happening. i HATE my dad for doing it and have similar feelings for anyone that does the same. but, if you can turn the situation around i will have so much respect for you for actually trying.
if anyone from revolution church in long beach reads this, i’d like you to know that it’s early enough where you can work through this. it may be too late for my family, but you still have time. we both need to be reminded that, though it may feel like it, God will not leave completely leave us in the dust. i have learned and am still learning from this craphole of a situation(to put it nicely). i must insist again that for you and many others there is still hope. stay strong. don’t doubt God. i’ve started that and it has just made me worse off.

here is the comment i left on carlos’ blog:
“there are no words to explain how i feel about this happening to yet another family. a similar thing has happened to my dad in the past few years. rumors at the church, yada yada yada, led to him resigning. we moved towns and he took a a vp of relations position at a local counseling company. it was the first time he had been out of the ministry since before i was born (at least 15 years, no more than 25) and the world hit him hard. almost 2 years ago, now, he left us. now the divorce is almost final, and i believe that he might have another woman. i know how INTENSELY hard it is for the family to go through this when there are seemingly no reasons why he (or she) should leave. as i read this post and wrote this comment, tears stream down my face. this experience has left me high and dry. i have so many doubts now that i never would have had. i hope its for the better and that its making me stronger. right now i’m searching for answers and i’m not finding them. because of this experience, i’m not in prayer right now, but i do hope the best for them. this is something i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

for now, i just feel relieved that i was able to write that without a single cuss in it. haha


lessons are learned everyday, but it sucks when they have to be learned from hurting and heartbreak.





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12 03 2008


3 05 2008

I just discovered your blog and boy have I been where you are. You and I may make different decisions on how to handle situations within our family, but I want you to know that I think about you and I hate that you’re in the confusing situation that I was in. I look at sweet little new Allison Grace and I pray everyday that Matt and I do right by her, but bottom line is that we will make mistakes. It’s a scary thing being a parent, and it’s a scary thing being the child of a parent who, while wonderful in alot of ways, makes kid decisions. There’s no explanation for it, but I am reassured that you have a strong relationship with Christ and that you will find your own peace with this situation. Believe me, been where you are-it’s like reading my own feelings from a decade ago. Stay strong!

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