cursed lawn equipment

7 06 2008

i have come to the realization that the lot on which we reside does not like the grass to be mowed.
here’s the long story:
a week or so ago, i was mowing the lawn on the riding mower. i noticed that it was cutting weird. i thought the blade wasn’t tightened on enough or that the wheels might be low on air. i didn’t worry, though, because my mom had been nagging me for quite some time to mow the lawn.
then it hit me. literally.

yes. a sai. if you don’t know what that is, it is what raphael is wielding up there.

so, back to the story, it flies up and hits me in the head and i stop mowing. i am pissed to say the least, go chew out my brother, then drive the mower back into the garage. we checked it out and the blade is all bent up and way dull. now we have to buy new blades.
a day or two letter the grandparents come over to help. all the equipment they brought plus our weedeater work intermittently the whole day. so we give up again.
yesterday my mom took the pushmower to the shop. today we got it back. i had all but a couple of passes finished on the lawn and it stops. and now it won’t start. lame!
hopefully it will start tomorrow so i can finish the job.

in short:
lawn equipment will break if used on our lawn. our lawn is cursed. or something like that.

i am exhausted. this lawn stuff is crazy.




2 responses

7 06 2008
ben amazing robbins

just convert it to a racing mower!

10 06 2008
ben amazing robbins

ill kill you and your dog.

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