i’ve lost it.

14 08 2008

weight that is.

since the discovery of my celiac disease early this year, i have been gradually losing weight due to the change in diet.
that, along with 3 weeks of summer camps where i ran, played, and drank mostly water, has caused me to lose a decent bit of weight. just throughout the week at sky ranch fellow campers were telling me that i looked like i was losing weight.

so i went to the doc the other day and got weighed. since around february, i have gone from 235 to 205. that’s right, a 30 pound weight loss. and probably 5-10 pounds was lost solely during camp.
so to keep this weight loss constant, i’m drinking tons of water, and trying to eat a bit less and a bit healthier.
so far it’s working.




One response

30 10 2008

dude i wish that i could actually gain weight. i’m 5’10 and 128 lbs.

that. sucks.

i appreciate your view of worship. i guess you’re a musician..?

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